Klub 007 Strahov - FINAL DOSE (uk), OTRAS (sk), PAKOSTEŇ (cz) - Black Metal Punk

12.2.2024, 19:00 – 22:00

Nenechte si ujít koncerty v Klubu 007 Strahov.

Cena vstupenky: 250 Kč
Klub 007 Strahov - FINAL DOSE (uk), OTRAS (sk), PAKOSTEŇ (cz) - Black Metal Punk
  • Adresa:
    Chaloupeckého 1915/7
    Praha 6 169 00

Final Dose (BM infused HC, United Kingdom)

Final Dose, like a haunting specter, arose during the 2020 lockdown as a solitary entity. Since then, they've transformed into a 4-piece coven, channeling the chaotic energies of black metal-tinged hardcore punk.
Their incantations have summoned "Dark Places" and the mesmerizing "World Prisoner" in 2022. This fall, they will cross the Atlantic to the United States, before returning to European soil in 2024 to unleash the terror that resides within their debut LP, "Void Inside." 

Otras (BM Punk, Košice)

From the desolate and desecrated alleys of Cassovia, eastern Slovakia, OTRAS emerged in December 2020 as a primordial force of raw black metal punk. Amidst the ever-shifting shadows of their lineup, the core members, Warmarek (guitar), Trebor II (bass), and Sekerus (vocals), have maintained the unholy flame.
With the support of Hniloba (drums) and Doctor Conqueror (guitar), they are ready to conjure forth the latest incantations from an upcoming album, slated to manifest in January 2024. 

Pakosteň (BM Punk, Praha)

Pakosteň emerged in the summer of 2020 from the ruins of Hydrauliter. The band is currently working on their second recording, which will follow their debut Živý Bič and last year's split with Otras. Up the Metalpunx.