Sabra - Matka s dcerou v nové zemi - Divadlo jednoho herce - Západočeské divadlo v Chebu

7.10.2023, 16:00 – 17:00

One-woman show that unravels the story behind the migration wave from the USSR to Israel during the 70s from the perspective of Zhenia – a new comer, married mother of three kids. 

With humorous, honest, authentic and juicy language Zhenia shares her concerns, hardships, dreams and her relationship with her teenage daughter Fania. The show is based on the actress Netta Yashchin's true story and her childhood memories. She immigrated to Israel from Lithuania when she was eight years old.

This show exposes the difficulties and challenges immigrants face whenever and wherever they are. 

The show is presented at Center Stage prior to both the MonoFest in Izmir and the United Solo festival in New York.